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Our Process

The Optimum Strategy

Optimum Financial Services, LLC is a client-focused Registered Investment Advisor that strives to know our clients and design portfolios that match their tolerance for risk, and achieve their goals. In the case of Endowments, Trusts, and Foundations, we work hard to appropriately invest according to the time horizon, mandates, distributions, and uses of these funds.

Optimum Financial Services, LLC seeks to generate appropriate risk-adjusted returns principally by designing, building, and managing portfolios primarily consisting of common stocks, individual bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, cash or money market funds.  We do not use any securities derivatives, illiquid securities, or private investments.  Our general rule is that anything we buy must price and be available to buy or sell everyday that markets are open.

Three-Stage Selection Process

Optimum Financial Services, LLC uses a three-stage process when recommending portfolios. The first stage is all about determining the tolerance for risk that is appropriate for the client. In addition we establish the goals the client wants to achieve with their portfolio. 

In the case of Foundations, Trusts, and Endowments, we do our best to determine the true intent of the grantor or donor.  We want to understand the intended uses and timing of distributions, and the overall time horizon of the funds. This facilitates making sure we, as the investment advisor, and the client, beneficiaries, Trustees, and all interested parties are on the same page as we go forward.

Once we have a good understanding of the clients tolerance for risk, and the goals of the portfolio, we will design the portfolio that will best match the clients needs, risk tolerance, and time horizon.

Finally, we review the proposed portfolio with the client before we invest.  Once we feel the client has an understanding of our recommendation, and the client is comfortable, we will implement the building of the portfolio.

Once the portfolio is built, we will manage the risk and securities in the portfolio based on our research, research we purchase, market action, and our understanding and experience of risk levels in various markets.  We will use both technical, and fundamental analysis in our work.

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