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Recommended Reading: Sir John Templeton

December 06, 2016

Sir John Templeton is a fascinating person, by any measure. He is considered by most as the pioneer, and greatest American international investor. His life story is quite remarkable. I truly relish the fact that such a towering icon in international investing was a boy from a little town in the deep South. He helped partly pay for his college by beating wealthy classmates in poker, and was quite the card player. He is the founder, and sponsor of the Templeton Prize in Religion, which is the “Nobel” prize for spiritual study. As he became older, he truly believed that our spiritual lives were the most important, and often most neglected part of our human experience. He gave away vast sums of money during his lifetime. Quite a life for a little country boy from Tennessee!

I highly recommend many of his books, especially for young people:

Templeton Plan: 21 Steps to Personal success and Real Happiness

You can also learn more about John Templeton here.

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